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Call: 612-963-5057

We Increase Profits through People

At PPStrat, our focus is your organization’s people – so they can deliver profitable performance.

How do we do this? We take our profit-driving strategic solutions and combine them with extensive, industry-leading experience, cutting-edge tools, personal consulting and, most importantly, YOUR VISION. No one knows more about the needs of your organization than you. Your vision for a sustainable Human Resources strategy is essential to deliver the growth and profits your organization needs. Let us help you.


Whether as  facilitators for Everything DiSC®  workshops or as a “roll up your sleeves and jump in” consultant, PPStrat can help you enhance your employee experience, your leader experience, your customer experience, and – most critically – your financial results.  People & Performance Strategies: increasing profits through people.



People and Performance Strategies is a hands on consulting practice providing emerging and mid-size firms practical approaches to human resource strategy and development, talent management, corporate and multi-location field training development and support, as well as ongoing employee relations support and interim human resource executive coverage.


About Everything DiSC

Everything DiSC is the leading suite of DiSC®-based corporate training and assessment solutions. These advanced applications combine online assessment, classroom facilitation, and post-training follow-up reports to create powerful, personalized workplace development experiences. With a global network of nearly 1,800 independent Partners, Everything DiSC solution-focused products are used in thousands of organizations, including major government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.


About Wiley’s Workplace Learning Solutions Community

Wiley’s professional development business creates products and services to help people become more effective in the workplace and achieve career success. We bring the ideas and best practices of thought leaders to life—serving workplace communities worldwide.

We Increase Profits through People

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