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“Joleen brings boundless enthusiasm, preparation and professionalism to any project that she tackles. She is an excellent presenter, trainer, and facilitator – she is the master of reading her audience, and adjusting to their pace and needs.I also worked with Joleen when she was a CPO for one of our People Report member companies – she was an engaged executive who clearly recognized the significance of best people practices on the overall performance of the business. She picked the absolute right name for her new company!”


Joni Thomas Doolin


Founder and Chief Executive Officer


People Report



“Curt lead our entire office group through the DISC Workplace and management training. He was terrific to work with through the coordination of the training, the breakout sessions, and now through the follow-up and continuation of DISC materials. Our group is still buzzing with excitement and we are reaping the benefit even 2 months later.”


Aric Van Voost


October 17, 2012


Hired Curt as a DISC Managment Consultant in 2012 and said his top qualities were Great Results, Expert, Good Value



“I have had the privilege to work with Curt several times over the past 10 years as a member of CHART. In 2012, when my company made the decision to purchase products from People and Performance Strategies, I was thrilled that Curt was selected to conduct a train-the-trainer session and to facilitate the kick-off session for the senior management team. Curt is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. His ongoing help and support is priceless to me.


Lori Rolek, SPHR, CHT


October 8, 2012


Hired Curt as a Business Consultant in 2012 and said his top qualities were Personable, Expert, High Integrity



“Joleen Goronkin is an engaging and focused leader who brings a high level of strategic and tactical value, both in her current consulting practice as well as in her past leadership role as the CEO of the Elliot Leadership Institute. I had the opportunity to work with Joleen as a board member on the Institute as well as having her facilitate a dynamic session at our annual company conference. Joleen did her homework and customized a top notch participative session that was relevant, productive, and left a lasting impression.”


Steve Romaniello


Managing Director


Roark Capital Group



“Joleen has brought a high degree of strategic insight and practical thinking to our organizational development and company alignment. Joleen has been instrumental in facilitating the processin which we have been able to align our people and process to effectively support our multiple business platforms.”


Mary Sue Leathers


President and CEO


Advantage Performance Network



“Joleen is very simply the definition of “Excellence”. She has all the capabilities needed to be successful in today’s work environment – strategy, planning, implementing, analysis and then adds the energy and expectations that take it all to a new level. I would highly recommend Joleen for help with HR strategies and performance enhancement.”


Greg Mohn


President and CEO


Orange Tree Screening


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