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People and Performance Strategies is a hands on consulting practice providing emerging and mid-size firms practical approaches to human resource strategy and development, talent management, corporate and multi-location field training development and support, as well as ongoing employee relations support and interim human resource executive coverage.

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Leading Courageously in Challenging Times

In this entertaining Keynote address or longer Training seminar, we explore the personal characteristics necessary to drive results in a challenging environment. This session ties Herb Brooks’ leadership style, as illustrated in the film Miracle on Ice, to real issues that impact business today. Your audience will feel inspired and empowered, as well as equipped to deal with the challenging internal and external environment in today’s tough economic environment.


Building a Performance Driven Organization: Appraisals, Goal Setting and Performance Plans

This interactive session can be tailored to address performance management at the field level, corporate level, as well as executive level. We take participants through the selection process, initial orientation and establishment of expectations, recognizing positive results and providing constructive feedback as well as ongoing communication and documentation. This session will provide participants with the knowledge and tools to establish performance metrics with their respective teams and prepare them to effectively communicate and follow up on a routine basis.


Communication Made Easy…Really!!

What organization or work group has not dealt with the issue of communication? How many times have we heard, “I just wish communication in our company was better” or, “They just don’t communicate with the field” or better yet, “How come I didn’t know about that! Communication around here is awful!” In this hands on session, we take participants through a variety of exercises, discussions, and real life scenarios that will arm them with strong tools and an improved understanding of the barriers to, and actions to deploy in improving communication and the communication process with in their work group and organization.


Other titles available:


  1. Accelerate Your Executive Development
  2. Strategic Planning to Increasing Performance: Plan and Execute in a Tough Economy
  3. Employment Law and Documentation: It’s the Right Thing to Do
  4. Conducting Effective Meetings: Be More Productive in Less Time
  5. Customer Service: Make it Your Competitive Advantage
  6. Time Management Tips: Be Effective and Efficient


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